Letra de I Swam de Al Stewart
I swam to the edge of the pool

Like a fish on a spool

Feeling you reeling me in

You were there with your drink on a stool

It was keeping you cool

On your face just a trace of a grin

And you sat in your conical hat

You were striking in that

Curling up like a cat

With a tug on a line

Of invisible twine

To the edge of the pool

I swam.

I ran to the top of the hill

I was drained of my will

I just had to keep stumbling on

'Til I fell in the gathering chill

To the sound of a bell

With the thought that my future was gone

And you came in your conical hat

As a matter of fact

I was hoping for that

Like the creak of the tree

Carried off in the breeze

To the top of the hill

I ran.

And oh in the wink of an eye

See the hours go by

That feel like heaven

Oh, at the edge of a dream

You will be what you seem

But just one night.

And now looking back on all that

I remember you sat

In your conical hat

Through the violet deep

Murky waters of sleep

Reaching out for your hand

I swam.

I swam.

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